Galaxy Jet X UV Flatblet Machine A1

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Print Technology: Micro Piezo Inkjet
Print Head: DX10/DX11/DX5/DX7
Head Channel: 18 channels
Head number: 3-head, White+Color+Varnish
UV system: 100-Degree adjustable
Cooling system: Water cooling
Temperature adjust: Auto on/off. 25-35℃
UV wavelength: 395-405nm
Head protection: Intelligent anti-scratch
Print speed: 180s/A2 size(720*720dpi)
Print model: Unidirection/Bidirction
Print resolution: 720*720dpi-720*3080dpi
Print type: One pass/Single/Copies
White layer: Bottom/Top/Middle
Rip software: RIPV9.07/Wasatch/Ripprint
Image type: Tiff, Jpeg, Png, Psd
Repeat precision: 0.1mm
Head cleaning: Auto flushing+Keep wet
Max. print size: 60*90cm
Print media: Hard/Flexible/Bottle
Media thickness adjust: Software auto detection
Max. print thickness: 13cm
Ink type: UV ink
Ink system: Refill ciss system
Ink process system: Auto shaking + circulation
Ink level: Auto detection+Auto alarm
Color model: 8-color(CMYK+LC+LM+White+Varnish)
Tank volume: 550ml refillable
Color Rendition: ICC profile+Curve
Position type: Laser marking
Print table: Vacuum adsorption
Table treatment: Teflon coating
Print model: 3D. Wave. Rand. Eclosion
Motion config: Servo motor
Control interface: Control panel+Software
Drive config: 4 linear rails+Dual Ballscrew
System require: WINXP/WIN7/WIN10 32/64bit
Working environment: 18-25℃, 50% Humidity
Working power: 480W
Electric supply: 110V/220V
Interface: USB2.0/3.0/TCPIP
Gross weight/Net weight: 380KG/320KG
Packing size: 155cm*155cm*98cm
Machine size: 140cm*140cm*90cm