Alpha-Jet A2 Size UV Printer

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Alpha-Jet uv printer flatbed photo printer for smartphone A2 UV printing machine

Print Technology: Micro Piezo Inkjet

Head Channel: 18 channels

Head number: 3-head: White+Color+Varnish

Cooling system: Water cooling

Head protection: Intelligent anti-scratch

Print speed: 175s/A2 size(1440*720dpi)

Print model: Unidirection/Bidirction

Print resolution: 720*720dpi-720*3080dpi

Head cleaning: Auto flushing+Keep wet

Max. print size: 40*60cm

Print media: Hard/Flexible/Bottle/ Tshirt

Max. print thickness: 20cm

Electric supply: 110V/220V

Gross weight/Net weight: 150KG/230KG

Packing size: 113m*132cm*93.5cm

Machine size: 98cm*121.5cm*67.8cm